Welcome to AG's (Anointed Grace)

The Dining Experience

Beverly Baxter, owner

I love what the table means to me...

I want to thank all for allowing me to come into your homes and prepare food that is pleasing to the palate and full to the belly.....


We at AG's (Anointed Grace) have an extensive background in the culinary world.  I started out in the Navy as a cook (that was truly an experience).  I had the opportunity to serve not only the enlisted personnel but  officers as well. I have prepared meals for quite small dinner parties to catering for large functions.  I have also had to the pleasure of serving the seniors of our community and the nursing facilities.  The environment of some (not all) nursing facilities is why I started my business.

The table means so much to me and I believe we have gotten away from taking the time to enjoy our meals, family and friends. The following is what the table means to me:
T - there is always a teaching moment
 A - the atmosphere should be one where you can relax and enjoy the moment and your food will digest properly
 B - believing in each others dreams, ideas
 L - loving and listening to each other
 E - we engage in good conversation and enjoy each others company.

I have over 20 years in the food service industry not only as a cook but in management.  I have obtained my BS in Accounting and I am a Certified Nutrition and Food Service Professional.  I have met all state and city certification requirements including continuing education.

  Most of all I enjoy what I do.

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