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The Dining Experience

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"Our food is pleasing to the palate and full to the belly"

We want to  prepare meals for your love ones!!

No worries. We'll shop, cook and clean up for you, too!

Relax and enjoy.

We offer our culinary services to those who just need a little assistance. If mom or dad still live at home and  you are concerned they are not eating a nutritious meal, we are here to help.  You can relax knowing we will provide an excellent nutritious meal for your love one.

We also prepare dinner for two.  A nice small intimate dinner with candle light and a little taste of jazz....

More affordable than you think.

Our personal chef services are quite economical. Choose one to four meals per week. You can even earn FREE MEALS through our customer referral program!

Tailored to your tastebuds.

You choose the meals in advance from our extensive menu. Low fat, vegetarian…no problem. We'll work within your dietary requirements and preferences.  Our chef is also a Certified Nutrition and Food Service Professional.

Call us today for a free taste! 281-905-2893 or email: [email protected]